A facebook lesson

A facebook Lesson

by Anne E Thompson

  I had cycled down to visit my mother. We sat on her sofa, slurping tea, when Mum said she could not see any of my photographs on facebook. We spent some time looking at her computer (which is actually an ipad my brother lent her) but neither of us could work out what the problem was. Then she asked me why I never send her messages on facebook. I explained that I would much rather use email, because I don’t really know what I’m doing and I might send them to the wrong place.

  “Oh!” she said, “It’s easy, I’ll show you. Look, Ruth has posted a picture of chocolate, I’ll just send her the message ‘Ha,Ha,Ha’!” She did.

  Then she realised that actually, she had not sent the message to Ruth. She had sent the message to somebody’s prayer request on one of her religious sites! All the other posts were things like, “I feel for you,” or, “God bless you in this time of need,” – then there was “Mary Thompson: “Ha,Ha,Ha.” We could not stop laughing! It was so funny and of course, neither of us had the first idea if it was possible to ‘unsend’ a message once it was sent! We laughed for ages, but it did rather illustrate my point…..!

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