How to Make Chocolate Sauce (for ice-cream)

The recipe in letter 26 of the blog seemed to be popular, so I thought I would share another. Husband said he only married me because I can cook this (not sure if that will be an incentive for you or not!) Do you remember making this? It’s one of those recipes that you just know. It’s a great sauce to go on ice cream but can also be mixed with cereal (cornflakes, rice krispies) to make little cakes. It is also incredibly simple, we made it when we were tiny. I don’t have any measurements, you need to make them by eye. This is easier than it sounds and adds to the speed of the whole process.

  1. Tell your family/visitors that dessert is ice cream and sauce and excuse yourself from the table.

2. Wipe all surfaces, tie back hair, put on an apron (especially if you have guests – it gives a good impression.)

3. Look at your guests/family. If they are over-weight, you want to use about a teaspoon amount of everything per person. If they are in good shape and look like they need cheering up, use more.

4. In a saucepan, put equal amounts of: butter, sugar (you can use any you have in the cupboard. Brown is nice, white is fine.) golden syrup. (When I made these in the US I had to go to the ‘ethnic foods’ shelf in my supermarket to find golden syrup. Hopefully it has become more civilised by now. Do not be tempted to use corn syrup or maple syrup or you will have a sticky disaster in your bowl. Not nice.) There’s no need to agonise over this, just plonk it in the saucepan so each heap is roughly the same size.

5. Melt everything together. If you let it boil a little, it will set really hard when cold, making a nice crusty layer on ice-cream and breaking your teeth in cakes. If your guests are old, maybe just heat until melted (but I prefer it boiled and chewy.) Be careful it doesn’t burn, theres a lot of sugar and that catches easily.

6. Add sieved cocoa powder. I would say about a tablespoon for four not-fat guests, but it depends how chocolatey you like things. Add a little and taste it, you can always add more. Do sieve it though, cocoa makes nasty little lumps otherwise.

Either, pour hot over ice-cream or mix in cereal (granola to the Americans) until everything is coated in gooey mess. Then put into fridge to harden. We used to put it into little muffin cases, but you can leave it in a tin and then cut it into squares. If you leave out the cocoa and add rice krispies, you will basically make those ‘Squares’ that you can buy for a fortune in pretty turquoise wrappers. Enjoy.


Thank you for reading.

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