Publishers Who Accept Submissions From Authors

I’ve been considering trying to find a publisher to publish a second edition of Clara – A Good Psychopath? It is selling well, and I feel I need help to extend my readership.

Finding a publisher always takes ages, and many do not bother to update their websites, or have links that don’t work (which makes you question whether they would be good people to work with). Most traditional publishers only work through agents, which means many hours spent surfing the internet. However, I found a few, who publish Christian based books, who will accept submissions from authors. To save you some time, I have included the links below.

I cannot vouch for any of them – so do check their website carefully. Also, be careful about spending money before submitting. I notice that several ask for you to pay for an editor before submitting. This costs a few hundred pounds, and is one of the biggest costs when self-publishing. My feeling is that if you are going to pay this, you might as well self-publish your book and receive all the proceeds from sales to recoup your costs. Some publishers pay authors a very small percentage of the profit, yet the author will be expected to do all the promoting and selling of the book. I’m not sure it is worth it. Also, be careful of publishers who mainly sell e-books. Some offer the author 50% of the profit for e-books. But putting your book on Amazon Kindle is relatively easy, if you need help you should pay for an IT consultant, not a publisher. Then you will receive all the profit from any sales (because you will have to do all the marketing anyway).

Baal Hamon Publishers (I would be wary of their ‘author promotional’ package, which asks the author to contribute towards costs. Unless they agree to traditionally publish your book – with no cost to you – I would consider self-publishing or a different publisher.)

Dove Christian Publisher

Anaiah Press

Cross Link Publishers (US authors only)

Electio Publisher (won’t consider work that has been previously published, even if self-published)

Enclave Publishers (fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural)

Harbourlight publisher (part of Pelican. Does not consider books already published, even if just on a blog.)

Lexham Press (Not clear what fiction they are looking for)

Mantle Rock Publisher (US residents only)

Paraclete Publisher

Lighthouse Publisher

Lion Fiction

Instant Apostle Publisher (They expect you to buy and sell a quantity of books yourself. Not sure if this would work out cheaper than self-publishing, as they don’t include figures online.)

Malcolm Down Publisher

Marylebone House Publisher

Artemesia Publishing (They are based in New Mexico and only accept submissions by post – I think.)

I hope this is helpful. Do add any useful information you discover, or further links, in the comments below. It would be good to produce a helpful resource for other authors. Thank you.

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