How To Recover From A Craniotomy


by Anne E Thompson

Since publishing an article about having a craniotomy, I was contacted by several people, thanking me and saying they had had similar experiences. It still seems difficult to find helpful information. I have therefore written a book, which I hope will be helpful (and the article has been removed, as Amazon will only allow me to publish on Kindle if it does not appear on blogs.)

Having a craniotomy is scary, and for most people, they only have one, so it’s all a bit unknown. This is my experience of recovery. It is personal, everyone heals differently, and I think that age and general health probably have a large bearing on the time taken to recover. But I hope that my experience will be helpful.

I am not a brave person, but I survived and actually learnt a lot. Don’t be frightened – if I can do it, so can you! The book has extracts from my diaries, written at the time, and also all the things I learned during a seven year journey, from first being diagnosed to healing after a craniotomy. It is available from Amazon, and is free if you have a Kindle. I hope will be helpful. The UK link is below:


The US link is: