Your family helps to shape who you are, whatever that family might look like. JOANNA is the story of a family struggling to cope with what it means to have a psychopath amongst them.

Written after several months researching the disorder, JOANNA is an exciting novel, written partly in the first person. The reader sees the world through Joanna’s eyes, they see what motivates her, how she thinks, what she feels. (Be careful though, she might lie to you). The rest of the book shows the impact of Joanna on those who love her, live with her, are affected by her.

JOANNA is a story about choices, and love, and forgiveness. It is a novel will that entertain you, and leave you thinking long after you have read the last page…..

JOANNA by Anne E Thompson

Published by The Cobweb Press
ISBN : 978-0-9954632-2-6
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