5 Habits of Godly Resilient Women by Amanda Bedzrah

5 Habits of Godly Resilient Women

by Amanda Bedzrah

I was sent a copy of this book by Amanda, who is part of the ACW Facebook group. It was a nice surprise, and although it’s not the sort of book I would normally read, I spent some time reading it (which didn’t take long, as it’s a fairly short book and written in a style that’s easy to read quickly).
I think the aspect I enjoyed most about this little book, is that Amanda is very honest about her own experiences. She writes in a slightly unusual style – but as you read, you begin to hear her voice. When she describes events of her life, it feels very personal, as if she is sharing part of herself with you. I especially enjoyed her descriptions of trying to take her children to school, which every mother will relate to. Towards the end of the book, Amanda urges her readers to share their own experiences of God, to be witnesses. I feel that this book is exactly that, it is Amanda, in her own words, telling others what God has done for her.
As I said, it is not a book that I would normally read. However, I think that it would suit a group of women who are looking for a simple study guide to use when they meet together. Each chapter finishes with the same words, and there are spaces for notes. Which would be ideal for a group that meets once a week. I imagine that a small group of women might find it helpful for stimulating discussion and focussing their thoughts.

The book is available from Amazon.