Being Miss by Fran Hill

Book Review (no spoilers)
Being Miss by Fran Hill

Being Miss by Fran Hill is another book I enjoyed immensely. It is very funny. Set in a private school, the book is an account of one day in the life of a teacher. I don’t think we ever discover her name (which as teachers will know, gives a message in itself, as we stop being ‘people’ and become ‘Miss’ as soon as we enter the school!) The teacher is inexperienced, makes mistakes and has a great relationship with her pupils if not her Headteacher.

I found the book to be an accurate portrayal of life as a teacher. There is a lot of humour, a lot of stress, a lot of stupid rules (for the staff.) It shows the competitive nature that can infiltrate a staffroom, the fear of failure, and most importantly, how it feels when you have a good rapport with your pupils and you actually manage to teach them something.

I found I related very well to the characters in the book. It brought back many memories of when I was teaching in a Prep school, and I would definitely recommend the book to teachers and ex-teachers. It made me laugh out loud.
The book is well written and entertaining. It is not a book that will teach you anything, nor will you need to read it more than once. But I don’t think it intends to be something deep and clever. It is an easy read novel to make you chuckle when you want to relax. I am glad I read it, and recommend you give it a try.

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