Ocean’s Pearl by Rowan Todd

A great read for teenagers

As I have met Rowan a few times, I was very keen to read her first novel. Her life has not been an easy one, and I realised that anything she wrote would have a depth that perhaps other writers of her age would find difficult. I wasn’t disappointed. Ocean’s Pearl is a thoughtful novel, perfect for teenaged readers.

The story begins with Ocean and her twin sister looking forward to a family holiday. Rowan has written in the first person, and we learn the twins are good friends, sharing secrets and problems—though Ocean seems to be the more dominant of the two and takes a leadership role in the relationship. We see the interactions between the family members, and Rowan describes scenes of a normal family, with all the niggles and irritations and love that make family life. Her characters are very real.

I won’t spoil the book by telling you what happens next, but Ocean’s world changes very quickly, and she is left coping with unimaginable problems. Rowan writes an accurate description of life in a hospital, drawing on her own experiences.

This is a very ‘real-to-life’ book (even if the story is somewhat unexpected from chapter four onwards!) It’s a great first novel, and I look forward to reading more from Rowan.

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Anne E. Thompson
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