Palma del Rio, Spain

Palma del Rio, Spain

Image 2

Family Holiday 2008.

A learning experience……

Saturday 2nd August (Please note the month. It matters…)
Flew to Malaga.
Waited over an hour for Hertz hire car to be ready.
Drove to Palma del Rio. The instructions, map and actual road numbers all completely different. Felt somewhat stressed.
Spent about an hour in Palma del Rio trying to find villa. In the end we phoned the owner and forced Rebecca to use her GCSE Spanish and get us directions. (She actually did rather well.) Met Pepe.

Villa very pretty, lots of dark wood and comfortable furniture. Rather smelly (of poo.) Extremely hot.

Image 6

(This villa can still be booked through: I notice that it now has air conditioning. If your husband ever tells you that ceiling fans are just as good as air conditioning, do not believe him.

Went to Supermarket in Palma del Rio. Hard to find stuff without speaking spanish. Bought food and cleaning materials. Family swam, I cleaned villa. So hot. At 9pm it was 40º.

Sunday: Fuse blew at 6am and everyone woke because the fans stopped working.

Late breakfast then swam, read, relaxed.

Evening, had dinner in Rio del Palma. Most restaurants have shut for August (because it is so hot that everyone who lives here goes somewhere else! This area is known as ‘The Frying Pan’ and I know why now…)

Walked through a park and had an ice cream and some nice sangria.

Monday: Shopped, had pizza lunch then swam.

Went into Palma but did not manage to find the Tourist Information Office.

Ate dinner in a restaurant that used to be a monastery. Menu was all in spanish. When we used the dictionary we translated it as ‘road kill’, ‘chatty aubergine’ and ‘gizzard’. Meals pretty awful when they arrived (so maybe those were the correct translations after all.) Puddings were very nice, so was the sangria.

Way too hot.

Tuesday: We found the Tourist Info but they didn’t speak any English. Did very little, too hot.

Wednesday: Had a very nice coffee in town and strolled around.

Drove to Cordoba.

Image Image 1

Saw mosque turned cathedral, lots of arches. I found it more interesting than the boys did.
Cordoba very pretty, lots of narrow streets selling silver. I bought a silver necklace.
Had hot chocolate and churos. Walked around a park. Found a nice tapas cafe.
Walked some more. My feet hurt (probably swelled up in the heat) so bought some leather sandals. Then got a whole new lot of blisters in different places.

Walked to a horrid square. Ate horrid ice creams.

Drove back to Palma. Passed a castle on a hill which was lit up so it looked exactly like it was floating in the sky. Magical.

Thursday. Did nothing, too hot.

Dinner in Ecija, in a museum restaurant (was better than it sounds.)

We were always the only customers in all the restaurants.

Friday: Swam and lazed.

Saturday: Went into town and managed to buy postage stamps without Rebecca helping!
Had lemonade and coffee.

Image 3

Drove to the castle and had a beer. I got locked in the toilet. For ages. Family didn’t notice.

Sunday: Rebecca traumatised as there was a lizard in her room. Mark not overly sympathetic. I tried to catch it and chased it behind the wardrobe, which didn’t seem to reassure her.

Went into town for a coffee. It’s nice coffee but I swear the price went up a little every day. David tried to order coke instead and the man asked if he wanted milk in it, so gave up and had coffee too.

Went back to villa to find a mouse swimming in the pool.

Went to chinese restaurant in Palma. Nice, lots of food, really tasty.

Drove to Cordoba. Found Salon de Te. Very interesting. Had drinks and tapas.

Drove home via a really cool square – Plaza Cappuchino – full of low lights and candles.

Monday: Drove to Seville. Followed walk in guide book for a while but extremely hot and children complaining. Gave up and went back to Palma for dinner.

Tuesday: Lazed around. Started planning another trip to Seville tomorrow, will be better prepared this time.

I did some washing in the children’s bathroom and noticed sewage bubbling up into the shower tray. This explains the unfortunate smells.

Wednesday: Men came and emptied the septic tank. Stinks.

Drove to Seville.
Left the children at an amusement park with a telephone and lots of instructions about staying together.
We got a taxi into town. I had worn comfortable shoes. Wandered around Seville, very pretty (though still hot.)
Had coffee.
Had a horse and carriage ride around the city and park – much the best way to see the city without dying of heat exhaustion. Tried to buy a tea pot but all the shops were shut..

Image 5 Image 4

Collected the children. They had all had fun except for James who was slightly hysterical due to a scary roller coaster that Rebecca had insisted he went on because they weren’t allowed to separate.

Drove back to stinky house.
David made cocktails then gambled with the children. (Sometimes not convinced we would get any parenting prizes.)

Thursday: Coffee in town.
Tried to order a bread and tomato dish that we have seen other people eating. Failed. (Stupid waitress.)
Tried to buy a tea pot. Failed. (Stupid town.)

Read swam, played cards. Went for a drive (in search of tea pots. Failed.

Dinner in Palma, then watched a Jude Law film in Spanish. Was not great.

Friday: Had coffee at the ice cream parlour in Palma. Nice. David had crushed tomatoes, olives and bread with oil and salt. He was happy.

Drove around, swam and lazed.
Dinner at a nice hotel in Ecija.
Packed. David appeared to be trying to pack the drawers but he assured us he was mending them.

Saturday: Home. Felt cold.

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