It’s a Wrapper on the Floor Mum!

It’s a Wrapper on the Floor Mum!.

Anne E Thompson


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It’s a Wrapper on the Floor Mum!

It’s a Wrapper on the Floor Mum
by Anne E Thompson

“There’s a letter from my school mum,
‘Bout a trip to test the sea.
I don’t really want to go tho’
“Cos is only Geography.
I need you to ‘phone my teacher mum,
seem to have lost a book,
And my shorts are missing too,
Yes, I hung them on my hook.”

“But there isn’t any homework,
It’s just revision instead,
Yes, I’ve prop’ly cleaned up already,
The cup is under the bed.
I need you to buy more shower gel,
The toothpaste ran out last week.
I’ll phone her when I have time,
But don’t expect me to speak.”

“It’s a wrapper on the floor Mum,
Not the start of world war three.
There’s a party at Bill’s ’til late,
‘Fraid I think I’ve lost my key.
The dust will be there tomorrow Mum,
like my clothes on the floor.
Those socks aren’t mine anyway,
Could you please just shut my door.”


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