Officially an Author

Thank you everyone who has bought my book. I am very excited by how many have sold already (in fact, I am very excited by the whole thing. Am not being very ‘cool’ about this!) It is in four local bookshops – picture below. I realise I should have renamed myself something beginning with an earlier letter in the alphabet (did you know that Lee Child did that? His real name is something completely different, but he wanted his books to be near Agatha Christie’s!) My book will be spotted by people who like to lie on the floor in bookshops. Still extremely wonderful though.


It is very strange hearing people talk about my book. I am too close to it, when I write I climb inside the characters, so I don’t always know how other people will see them.

Here are some of the comments so far :

“The first two pages are brilliant” {I am hoping that means he’s only read two pages!}

“That Esther really moans a lot.”

“When I read the bit about {no spoilers!} I laughed for ages.”

“Is this book about me?” {NO! All the characters are fictional. Don’t start thinking that – my next one is about a psychopath!}

“No idea what your book is like – I can’t get it away from my husband!”

“It’s a real page turner.”

“Cynthia is shocking. Really shocking.”

“I cannot believe you wrote that bit!”

Have you bought a copy? When is the last time you tried a new author?

Hidden Faces final cover 6 July 2016

Hidden Faces by Anne E Thompson, published by The Cobweb Press. Available from Amazon:

Thank you.

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