Another Proud Mummy Moment

So, this week we had another graduation ceremony – Son 2 collected his BSc in Natural Sciences – proud Mummy moment.

He had had a busy week leading up to the graduation, so I had to help a bit. (You think, when you have little kids, that one day they won’t need you anymore. I’m not sure quite when that day comes, but my children are all in their twenties, and I still seem to be helping.) His busy week had included a trip to Wimbledon. He left home very early, and travelled to London, to be queuing outside Wimbledon by 8am. Due to nice weather and lots of Brits qualifying, it was already full. He came home again. I’m sure though he was pleased to go, simply to collect his “How to Queue” booklet.

Mind you, tennis has to be one of the most boring games to watch (am not a great lover of sports). It is only slightly better than watching cricket – where all the players look like they have escaped from a flour mill and are standing around trying to decide what to do next.

But I was telling you about the graduation. Due to Son’s busy week, which included staying with his brother the night before, I had to pack for him, finding various items that were scattered around the house. Big responsibility.

We drove north, collecting Son on the way, and stayed overnight in a Premier Inn. I like Premier Inns, but they do not exactly have the biggest bathrooms. This did not however, dissuade Husband from drying out his golfing umbrella in the bath. One day, I will devote a whole blog piece to Husband and his golfing umbrella, which seems to be essential wherever we go. It was hardly raining, and we walked all of 100 yards to the Beefeater for dinner, and some people managed without even a tiny umbrella. Just saying.

The next day was the graduation, and Son was in the first ceremony. They have 22 ceremonies over the next two weeks, and I’m sure the tutors involved in every one just love this time of year. The uni had good systems in place for ushering hundreds of students in one direction and their families in the other. Very efficient. One member of my family doesn’t really ‘do’ other people’s rules, so I kept losing him and spotting him in the ‘students only’ section.

Son looked very tall and handsome in his cap and gown. Unfortunately he hadn’t had time for a hair cut (in the last year), but I only mentioned it a couple of times.

The ceremony was in the uni Sports Hall, which was huge. There was a very loud brass band playing, and nice comfy seats. The hall was donated by Sir David Ross, who was the founder of Carphone Warehouse. There was no phone signal inside.

I felt very proud of son as he walked across the stage to collect his certificate, and very relieved that I had remembered all essential items. I felt very sorry for the poor girl who wore trainers (her Mum must’ve forgotten to pack the shoes). I think a couple of girls also forgot their skirts.

Afterwards, we had refreshments. I must say, Nottingham University does the best post graduation refreshments. I like that bit best : everything important has been done, so everyone has relaxed, the graduates look wonderful swooshing around in their gowns, and you can watch all the other families. There is such a mix of people, from those who are scruffily dressed and look worried, to those who have obviously bought completely new outfits for the occasion, and all sorts of people in between. It represents the huge circle of people able to study for a degree in our country, and I think it’s rather wonderful.

When we came to return Son’s gown, the hire company took it but didn’t record anything or give us a receipt – so there was no proof that it was actually returned. We took a photo of the man instead, in case of problems later. He was somewhat bemused.

Afterwards we went back to Son’s uni house to collect all his stuff for the summer. He was not quite as packed as we’d hoped – but that is another story.

Hope you have a good week.
Love, Anne x



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