October Days

  Hi, how was your week? Mine has pootled along, though I do feel like we’re hurtling towards Christmas horribly fast. Now is the time of shops revealing their Christmas displays, communities advertising their Christmas Fairs, and supermarkets suggesting we should do our Christmas orders. Hard to remember it’s still October (just) – it’s autumn, live in the moment and enjoy it.

I think perhaps older people are better at ‘living in the moment’. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy Lunch Club on Fridays. It’s a lot of work, but always a laugh. This week, one of them remarked,
“If you wake up in the morning, and nothing hurts, and nothing aches, you know you must’ve died during the night!”

October has been busy for me, and I’m tired now. I’ve had a couple of events in London (the fashion show, which I told you about, and a lunch. I was late for the lunch because I got my ‘Parks’ in a muddle when catching the tube and ended up in the wrong place!)

I’ve also had a couple of speaking engagements. Sometimes book groups or church groups invite me to do a short talk, either about my books, or how I decided to be an author. I get very nervous beforehand, but afterwards I’m always glad I accepted the invitation. The most recent one I did was at our local community cafe, for a new group that’s aimed at anyone who’s at a loose end on a Tuesday afternoon. There were a mix of attendees, some old, some young, some who came with carers. (I never know quite who to expect when I’m asked to speak, and sometimes have to radically change what I’d planned to say!) It was a nice group. I didn’t sell any books (well, only Invisible Jane, and all the profit goes to Tearfund, so that doesn’t count) but it felt like a good thing to do. I guess that’s my test of a day – if I get to the end and feel I have used the time well, I’m satisfied. Because like my old men say, you just never know if you’ll wake up or not tomorrow!

I still haven’t received Clara Oakes back from my editor, so it’s been a relaxed week writing wise. This means I ought to do some housework. I find that my eye-sight is pretty bad now, so as long as I don’t wear my glasses in the house, I can be very relaxed about housework. When I wear glasses I can see all the dust and muddles and dog hairs, and feel the need to clean. I hate cleaning.

I also hate ironing. I don’t do it very often, but my nephew had his son Christened, which involved wearing a dress, and afterwards it had to be washed and ironed. My iron is the one my brother gave me in 1988 when I got married. It works fine. I guess it hasn’t been used much.

  Yesterday I told a story to the children at church. It’s a story about a pumpkin, which I told to my own children many years ago, and I sort of remember it, so modified it for church. It makes a comparison between a pumpkin and people (in some cases this is more evident than others….). Husband gave me lots of ideas for things I could add to the talk. None were suitable.

I was really nervous. I began the story by holding up a pumpkin seed, and my hands were trembling so much that I nearly dropped it. But it was okay, I got through it, and Husband said it was good. Often things are difficult aren’t they, but it’s a good feeling when it’s accomplished. I’ve put the story on my website, if you’re interested :

Our church is also holding a Halloween Party – which isn’t called that – for the children in the village. I have offered to make the tea and coffee for the parents while they wait, and my mum is going to help me. Husband suggested we could dress up as witches. Although  it would be hugely funny, just to see the faces of the people organising the party, as it is the complete antipathy of what they’re hoping for, I will resist the temptation. Though actually, I think we would make rather good witches…..

Have a good week.
Take care,
Anne x

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