‘She had told her story many times, you could tell; the emotion had gone out of it, but the words were easier to say.

“I came to the city when I was a girl,” said Rashi, folding her thin hands, in her lap. Her voice was quiet but clear, her words sure. She had told her story many times, you could tell; the emotion was gone out of it, but the sentences were easier to say.”

Rashi was sold for £100, to a man who promised to educate her. Instead, she was put to work in a brothel, unable to escape and with nowhere to go. She was owned…

Could Clara, a young woman with all the selfishness, recklessness and glib lying that goes with a psychopathic disorder, be the one to help her? Can psychopathy ever be a strength?

Read more about Clara and Rashi in: CLARA – A Good Psychopath?

CLARA is a novel, all the characters are fictitious. But the situations are real. Today, in the slums of India, there are young women who have no choice but to work in the sex industry. You can learn about their lives, feel the mood of the slums, and discover the people who live there, in the compelling new novel from Anne E. Thompson.

Available in bookshops and Amazon for £11.95. But until 31st March readers of this blog can order a copy at a 33% discount (£7.95 with free UK postage). Complete the contact form below to order your copy.


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