First Day on Edisto Beach

First Day in Edisto:

Husband made coffee and I drank it watching deer and white egrets and squirrels out of the window. The Airbnb we’ve rented for a few days is built on stilts, with parking below and all the living space on the first floor, so it feels like we’re living in the tree tops. After so much travelling, it’s wonderful to simply stop for a few days, and to do nothing. No rushing off to see something before we check-out of the hotel, no long drive to the next place, a chance to catch our breath and relax.

We went for a run, detouring over the golf course and climbing over a gate so that we could reach the beach. Beautiful, but very warm. There were several ‘beware of gator’ signs, but we didn’t see any.

Breakfast of granola and yogurt in the condo. Listened to a sermon online (because it’s Sunday, but I couldn’t face going to church!) We stood at the window, watching turtles swimming in the pool below. I did a load of laundry, down in the little laundry room below the condo. It’s a tiny room, with a locked door and a light switch. There were no windows, and inside there’s just room for a washer and drier. It was the sort of place where snakes or poisonous spiders might lurk, so I was cautious, and only touched what I could see. It wasn’t a nice place to be—but very nice to be able to wash our clothes after weeks of travel.

We’re staying at Edisto Beach, and one of the recommended restaurants was Sea Cow Café, so we went there for lunch. It was small and crowded, with a lady sitting outside on the veranda, taking the money and directing people to seats. We were offered seats at the bar or a long wait, so we sat at the bar. I ate a BLT with coleslaw and fries. I didn’t want beer or a fizzy drink full of sugar, and they didn’t have sparkling water (very few places here seem to). I decided to try ‘iced tea’. Big mistake. It tasted like the dregs from Granny’s teapot served cold, with ice. Pretty disgusting. I’m not sure what I was expecting—I guess it was as described—but it seems to be popular so I thought it might be nice. Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

At 4pm, we walked back to the beach. There were dolphins, loads of them, leaping from the water. It was brilliant! They were impossible to photograph on my iPhone, and I have lots of pictures of blank sea with the occasional splash, but I don’t think I will forget the sight of them: a glimpse of a nose, then a black curved back with a fin, flowing down to a tail, all raised in one smooth curve above the waves before disappearing in a splash. Such a wonderful sight.

I am really enjoying Edisto. The only down-side is the number of bugs—though our condo has good screens at the doors and windows, so it’s only when we’re outside that I need to be smothered in repellent.

Thank you for sharing our adventures. Take care.

Love, Anne x

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