Hills of the Lake District

A Wet Day in the Lake District

A Trip to Windermere

Hills of the Lake District

Went for a run (using term loosely) along footpath towards Coniston. We saw lots of sheep, including two in the road. Nice run.

Asked family to help create a shopping list of food we needed. Wrote down some of their suggestions. Drove to Windermere. This is the home of Lakeland, which is one of the few shops I actually enjoy (you know when you have reached a certain age, when the Lakeland catalogue is something you enjoy!) Decided it would be rude to visit Windermere and not pop into Lakeland.

We followed signs, and parked in the big car park outside. Queued to get inside, carefully socially distanced, while a lady with a clicker allowed us into the shop as people left. There was a man, standing in the window, making a phone call the entire time we queued outside. Husband said I should not approach him and suggest he could make his call outside, so that someone else could take his place in the shop.

After reading about other European countries, who seem to be handling Covid better than the UK, I decided that I would wear a face mask whenever inside a public space. This made the trip much less fun, as it is very hot and airless inside a mask, and my glasses were perpetually steamed up. When finally allowed inside the shop, I wandered around, in baking tin Heaven, trying to remember what things I actually needed. I bought a small saucepan for making cheese sauces, as the one I bought in 1988 has a dodgy handle. I bought a lot of other things, but I can justify the saucepan.

Walked to Booths, which seems to be the largest supermarket within an hour of the cottage. Queued to get in. I find it very difficult to social distance inside a supermarket—I am focussed on hot mask, steamed up glasses, shopping list, and trying to find the correct items. Not walking too close to the slow man staring dumbly at the sour cream seems low priority—but I tried.

Put shopping in the car, and realised a high percentage was alcohol and snacks—hope this doesn’t represent a normal week’s supplies for my family.

Lunch in cottage again. It is pouring with rain. Some of the family went to The Ship Inn in Coniston, and sent cheery photos of pints of beer. Late afternoon, we walked to the pub with Kia. There was another pretty footpath, through fields of sheep, under dripping trees, alongside streams. When we arrived at the pub, the drinkers were happily still drinking, so we left them there.

I made veggie chilli for dinner.

Went for an evening walk, and saw a beheaded rabbit and escaped sheep and a noisy cow. The day has been lazy, and wet, but I think on a holiday in the Lake District you have to expect at least a couple of wet days. It’s still pretty.

Hope you have a nice day, whatever the weather. Thanks for reading.
Take care.
Love, Anne x

Coniston Water

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