Day Thirty-Nine

Day 39, Friday 15th April


If you are new to my blog, then for the next few days of Lent things will be a little different.  We are learning Psalm 22, a poem about Easter, to raise money for Tearfund. I am attempting to learn the poem in Hebrew, others are learning it in English, Spanish or Mandarin.

It has been a mental marathon, with preparation to know the Psalm, and recognise the vocab, starting months ago, well before we started to actually learn the poem. I have posted an extract of the poem every day, and now we are nearly finished.

Tearfund is an aid agency, helping people in poverty around the world. I trust them to spend the money wisely.

If you would like to sponsor me, please see my Just Giving page:

Psalm 22

31. they shall come and proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn,
that he has done it.

יָבֹאוּ וְיַגִּידוּ צִדְקָתוֹ לְעַם נוֹלָד כִּי עָשָֽׂה׃


31 A un pueblo que aún no ha nacido
se le dirá que Dios hizo justicia.

Anne E. Thompson
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