By Anne E Thompson

I went to say goodbye,

But you had already gone.

Just your scrumpled body was there,


Your skin was cold,

And rubbery,

And one eye was slightly open,

But unseeing

There were no sounds of you,

Or even smells.

The air was calm,

There was not even a tingle of you.

I squeezed your arm,

It was solid and unmoving.

I tried to speak,

To think you words.

But I had nothing to say.

You knew that I loved you,

You had hugged me many times.

I know you were pleased with me.

So I am left,

With a chasm of missing you.

Remembering happy times,

And few regrets.

I went to say goodbye,

But you hadn’t waited.

There was nothing

You needed to hear.


Thank you for reading.

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