CLARA – A Good Psychopath?

I am excited to announce the launch of my new novel: CLARA – A Good Psychopath?
The story is basically about someone who is very bad, who manages to achieve something amazing.

What is life like for women who live in the slums of India? This was my question as I travelled to Delhi and Mumbai, visiting projects organised by ActionAid and Tearfund. I walked through the poorest areas, and met the women who lived there. I sat in their homes, I walked through the slums with them, I listened to their stories. Some women were trafficked when young, others had lost children of their own. They were strong women, living out their lives in the toughest of conditions. I wanted to tell the world what I had seen and heard. I am an author, so the best way to achieve this was in a novel.

I am now excited to present CLARA – A Good Psychopath? The book is a natural sequel to my previous novel, which was written after extensive research into what it meant to live with a psychopath. Most psychopaths are not killers, or convicted of any crime (you probably know one) but could they be good people? Could a psychopath achieve something that would be too difficult for other people? These are the themes that I wove into the novel. It is an uplifting book, sometimes funny (because despite the poverty, there is a lot of laughter in the slums). It is a story about people – because wherever you go in the world, people are basically the same. We all love, we all have fears, we all want the best for our children.

CLARA – A Good Psychopath?
By Anne E. Thompson
ISBN 978-0-9954632-5-7
Published by The Cobweb Press


CLARA by Anne E. Thompson, is available from bookshops and Amazon (RRP:£11.95). However, I am able to sell copies at a 33% discount – so £7.95 with free UK postage. Complete the contact sheet below.


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