I love autumn, don’t you? I think October is my favourite month, the chance to hide again in thick sweaters, to snuggle with a book next to the fire, long walks in bright sunshine through the crisp autumn air. What else? What do you think of in October?


Do you think of the last of the dahlias, before the hard frost arrives? The flowers turning to seed ready for next spring.


Do you think of fruit, waiting to be collected? The last of the apples, the brambles heavy with berries.

img_5175 img_5157

Do you think of acorns, dropping from the tree? Think how many oaks we would have if each one grew – God gives extravagantly, more than we would ever need.


Do you think of wild birds forming into flocks? Wheeling overhead as they prepare to fly south.


Do you think of harvested fields? The stubble standing in rugged furrows.

img_5159 img_5163

Or perhaps you think of the farmer, turning the soil ready for next years crop?


Do you think of seed heads? Of dead leaves? Of bright colours?

img_5168 img_5173 img_5174

Do you think of berries, shining in the hedgerows?


Or wild rosehips showing where the flowers were?


Or, do you think of new chicks, of broody hens sitting on eggs?…Er…nor do I….

img_5172 img_5178

My chickens clearly missed the lesson on “Seasons for Chickens”!

No idea what will happen when the cold weather arrives.

Thank you for reading.

This week has been too busy with final proofreading of my next book and caring for unexpected chicks!
I will write a proper blog ready for next week. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Take Care,
Anne x


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