Letters to a Sister : 17

Letter 17

We travelled home from Malta on Tuesday. Malta airport has a grand piano next to the Costa. No one was playing it so I asked Son 2 if he would.
At first he refused so I reminded him that I had sat through HOURS of school concerts when he could only play three out-of-tune notes on a cello and he owed me. Owed me big time. He relented and played a range of popular stuff (like the theme to ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Chasing Cars’.) Bored people waiting for flights were all cheered up, some filmed him on their phones and lots of people clapped. Proud mummy moment. They tend to be rare.

On the flight, we sat in front of the boys. They were over the wing, next to the emergency exit. I heard the stewardess check they were over eighteen and were happy to operate the emergency door if necessary. They assured her they were fine. When she had gone I heard them discussing strategy. M told Son 2 that he would be in charge of the door and Son 2 could organise the passengers. They then wondered aloud if maybe they should have a practise before we took off. I knew they were messing about but the woman next to them sounded very nervous when she told them to not touch it, there was no need to practise. I do hope she wasn’t a nervous flyer. She might be now.
Every time there was turbulence I heard them say, “What do you think, should we open it now?”
Poor woman. I hid in my magazine and pretended I didn’t know them. Sometimes I choose to not rescue the world from my family.

It was Nephew’s wedding. Seems like yesterday that I was helping to feed him mush and trying to stop him putting his fingers into electricity sockets.
Daughter came home so she could travel with us. Was somewhat perturbed by the amount of ‘dirty uni stuff’ strewn around ‘her’ room. Am not sure she was comforted by their explanations of how, now she has moved out, it is not HER room anymore and they are thinking of renting it to a lodger.

She did also comment on the conversation topics during dinner. She is right. I am out numbered and have lost control. They informed me that I always told them when growing up that, “I am not like other mothers” and now they can be proud of the fact that they are, “not like other families.” Great.

The wedding was lovely. Lots of family laughing together, the boys and their cousin were ushers and they all looked very handsome. My brother managed to fix my hat with pieces of paper taken from the church pew so that it no longer fell over my eyes when I let go of it. I am not really a ‘hat person’. The reception venue was beautiful, the food was delicious and the speeches were funny (and not too long.) Then there was dancing. The following day, most of the family met up for breakfast….. best to not mention those who were suffering from ‘possible food allergies’ having drunk too much the night before…..

Take care,
PS. I updated/finished my blog about Malta and Gozo. You can find it under ‘Travel’ if you’re interested.

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